Welcome Readers!

As Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr once put it, the way to make a small fortune in the book business is to start with a large one. I’m usually not a fan of generalizations (wait, was that a generalization?) but I find that book people care more about quality of life than the quality of their material possessions. They are interesting people and interested in the world around them. And we like being part of this community.

We come to you with a range of experience and perspective.

An art teacher whose first book (My Blue Is Happy) was recognized by the Charlotte Zolotow committee and has six more books in the pipeline as I write this.

A librarian with such a wealth of knowledge and experience that she continually blows my mind whether we’re talking about books, social media, audiobooks, librarianship or life itself.

And me, a 25-year veteran of the book industry who has managed to make my passion for children’s and YA books, audiobooks, and international books into a (somewhat) viable business.

Together, we’ll be bringing you ideas and activities for the classroom, insights into the industry, and sharing news and interviews about opportunities, authors, and books. We’ll also be showing off the new books that arrive in our office from some of the most original and exciting publishers both from the US and the world.

We’ll be shining the spotlight on books that engage young readers and help them connect with the written and spoken word in ways that not only increase their fluency and abilities but enrich their lives.

We hope you’ll check us out!

Ellen Myrick
Publisher Spotlight

About fgoldsmith

Librarian, consultant, writer, reader, regularly on the move

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