Right Sized Listening for Pre-readers

Live Oak Media has a new series of Readalongs featuring titles from National Geographic that are just right-sized for the youngest nonfiction crowd! Weighing in with four to six minute recordings, these titles about puppies, coral reef fish, a sloth’s view of the rain forest, and more give kids the chance to hear excellent performance as well as discover the world beyond their home.

The award winning Dion Graham narrates Safari, Gail Tuchman’s contribution to the series, with Emily Eiden taking on Jump, Pup, by Susan B. Neuman, who also wrote Swing Sloth!: Explore the Rain Forest and Swim, Fish!: Explore the Coral Reef. So, already between cute doggies, bright fish, and big jungle creatures, animal fans are sure to be thrilled. Then there’s Tuchman’s second book in the series, Race Day, performed by Tim Pabon, that’s a sure win with small motor heads.

Debra and Arnie Cardillo, the creative engine for Live Oak Media, sent along some studio shots taken while these Readalongs were being recorded. Below, you’ll see the voice of that swinging sloth, Joe Towne, and Erin Cardillo, who guides us through that coral reef. Sharing photos of people at work is another great way to expand nonfiction: these National Geographic books might inspire a young listener to follow her pursuit of natural science…or that dramatic talent into the world of audiobook narration!


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