Activities for a book-loving schoolyear

When Dad Showed Me the Universe_Gecko_fullbook_Page_12

When Dad Showed Me the Universe (Gecko Press)

We’ve recently reworked our website here so that you can (we hope!) more quickly locate the specific book-based activities we offer to support your classroom and library programming.  You can visit our Activities by Age Group page (you’ll see the link right under our logo) to find some fun and experience-expanding discussion questions, art projects, games, and more, each connected to a book from one of our publishers.

We’d also like to welcome aboard a publisher new to us–and of great interest to you, we believe: Karadi Tales provides a wealth of picture book stories, folktale interpretations and more!  Not only are the stories fun and the artwork beautiful, but many of the books also have textured pages, sure to be attractive to the young readers you know who enjoy tactile and kinesthetic experiences!

So, what kind of activities goodness have we been up to?  Well, from Karadi Tales, we offer three different ones to accompany and expand The Last Bargain, including a mapping project and a circle game.  Gecko Press has a brand new and very large board book, The Big Book of Animals of the World, which has a lot to offer very young researchers as well as those of you working with an English Language Learner inclusion group.

We continue to add new activities to engage readers with new books.  Keep checking–and let us hear from you about the kinds of engagement resources you want to be able to find.

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