A little elephant learns to manage his trunk

If you think tripping over your feet is awkward, imagine tripping over that wonderful combination of nose-straw-gripper that sits in the middle of an elephant’s face!  That’s exactly what keeps happening to poor Little Vinayak–until he gets some great advice from a grown up elephant who once had the same problem.

Little Vinayak - ActivitiesPublisher Karadi Tales continues to serve up wonderfully resonant picture books for preschoolers, and this one is just right as we head toward that back-to-school night where families meet their young children’s teachers and ask for advice on how to cope with some expected, but unhappy, developmental mishaps.

Karadi Tales has also produced our Activities guide in a pretty handout, so you can make a sheaf of these for Little Vinayak - Activities2distribution to those looking for some reassurance to share with their kids about learning to organize one’s movements.

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