Pajama Press is ready to help you get active @NAEYC 2017

November around our office is, well–we’re not in the office much because it’s conference season! November is our time of year to bounce from place to place, meeting and greeting and sharing great kids’ books with teachers, librarians, and others who are meeting to make their association connections for the year.

One of our first stops this year is the 2017 National Association for the Education of Young Children and Pajama Press has just sent over early reading copies of three picture books just right for preschoolers and their adult helpers.

Jane Whittingham’s picture book story about Wild One, illustrated by Noel Tuazon, offers a delightfully inspiring romp through active verbs: our little Wild One hangs from the monkey bars like a bat, bounds like a puppy through the grass, and much more. Her many and wholehearted activities make this a great read for anyone heading off to play at the park–or just resting at home, tired from all the action.

Rainy day? A perfect time for baking Baby Cakes with picture book author Theo Heras and illustrator Renné Benoit! Words appear in huge type here, making this a fine choice for kids interested in connected letter recognition to support early reading efforts. Brother, sister, mom, and kitten have their work cut out to get the cake batter made. All turns out well, of course, and a tea party can follow. Good directions for both cake and baking with little ones are included, too.

Sanne Dufft‘s The Night Lion provides a terrific going-to-bed picture book about a brave knight of a boy who needs some assistance when his imagination plays mean tricks on him at night. What could be better company for a brave knight in this situation than a lion?!

From morning to night, sunny and rainy days alike, come by our booth to meet these three beautiful books and lots lots more! At NAEYC, you’ll find us at Booth 720.

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