The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic, by Kanani K.M. Lee and Adam Wallenta (No Starch Press, 2014)

tectonics-comic-coverWhat the book’s about

Here’s a wild adventure in earth science. Follow Geo and his robot dog, Rocky, as they travel back in time to Pangea, surf a tsunami, and escape an erupting volcano – all in time for Geo’s first period science test!

Five Activities for grades 3 through 8

Activity 1: Compare and Contrast

Grades 3-8

Geo and Rocky discuss how scientists develop the theory of plate tectonics. Compare and contrast the idea of plate tectonics to an everyday item you may find in your home or classroom (ex: an orange, legos, etc).

Present and explain your selection to the class.

Discuss ways your selection is alike or different from plate tectonics.

Activity 2: ABC’s of Geology!!

Grades 3-4

Working together in a group, compile a list of words from A to Z which relate to The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic. Create an illustration for each word using the same color scheme and characters as the book. Bind your work to create your own ABC Book of Geology Terms.

Activity 3: What If?

Grades 3-8

What would our world be like if the separation of the plates had never happened? How might our world be different? How might it be the same?

Ask kids to discuss this in groups and then create visual displays showing the different groups’ decisions.

Activity 4: A Letter to Geo

Grade 3

Write a letter to Geo that includes 5 things you learned from him on this topic.

Activity 5: Short Story Writing Prompt

Grades 3-8

Write a short story about the possibilities of what might happen  if you woke up one morning and the continents had rearranged while you slept. Share it with your class or writers group.

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