Hello AMLE 2017!

Our jetting about from conference to conference this month features many who pay attention to essential roles in kids’ lives. The people who work daily with middle school-aged students have a special place in our hearts. What essential and often energy-intensive work that requires!

Among the copious treasures we’re bringing to AMLE are many delightful (and educational) new titles from Tilbury House and What On Earth Books. These are books you (and your middle grade kids) will want to dive into in a literal kind of way: volumes of amazing and historically accurate events and six-foot-long accordion-folded records of history and science. You’ll end up curling into a corner of Booth 328 just so you can indulge yourself and make notes of classroom plans that jump immediately to mind.

What On Earth has partnered with the American Museum of Natural History to engage kids’ connections to deep dives into natural history with The Big History Timeline Wallbook. Other volumes in the series offer visually rich explorations of Shakespeare, science, and more. You’ll find the original Timeline books in our booth, as well as poster books and sticker books to keep kinesthetically eager middle schoolers engaged.

Tilbury House continues to extend its series of History in 50 with a new volume entitled A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes. Applications of the title to many parts of both the school and out-of-school day jump like popcorn. Among the hoaxes covered here in well-cited essays are the Cursed
Tomb of the Last Aztec Emperor, the Loch Ness monster, and Mark Twain’s own gag, a not-really-real account of finding a petrified man.

We’ll be at AMLE in the Exhibits Hall throughout the conference, eager to show you these and hundreds of other books from a wide variety of publishers. Come by Booth 328 and be prepared to fall in love with nonfiction all over again.